Here are some of the drawings I've been doodling over the years. Click on the thumbnails to get a full-sized versions. All pictures open in a new window. The pictures are in a cryptic semi-filename-based alphabetical order. The date they're drawn is (usually) in the picture.


Bill Gates on the Beach Bill Gates on the Beach

Everyone's favorite über-geek having a ball. What the picture is missing, is an approaching tsunami, ridden by a penguin on a surf-board... Pencil, scanned and half-toned in Photoshop.

Long-Legged Chick Chick 1

A full-body figure of a long-legged lady. One of the very few full-body drawings I've done. Didn't use models or reference for this one (and you may say it shows). Pencil.

Cartoony Chick Head Chick 2

The head of a cartoony girl with a disarming smirk. Charcoal and Conté.

Demon Dog Demon Dog

A demonic looking doggy. I saw a strangely creepy-looking photo of a dog (that wasn't meant to look creepy but it did) in some newspaper and it inspired me to draw this one. Pencil.

JD: "Doglike" DOGLIKE

A tribute to the artwork of Brute! This a drawing of is one of the online avatars of "JD". Check out his homepage for some interesting ramblings. (Painstaking) vector art.

Freak Show Freak Show

I saw a baby preserved in a glass jar in the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, Ireland when I was studying animation drawing. Warning: this drawing may gross some of you out. Blue and black color pencil.

Gandakk Wolfkiller: Head Studies Gandakk Wolfkiller: Head Studies

Some head studies of Gandakk, a member of the Khausar species. Khausar? Yep, a fancy name for these power-armored ratlings I like to draw, just to make them stand apart from the other ratlings out there. Blue and black color pencil.

Gladiator Gladiator

Features another one of those ratlings and a big kitty. Inked pencil, colored in Photoshop.

Jemara the Batgirl Jemara

Bat-thing extraordinaire. Character created by Watts Martin. Pencil.

A Light Snack Before the Frontier A Light Snack Before the Frontier

A Khausar soldier having a little snack in the cockpit of his battle walker before the battle. Blue and black color pencil.

Lionman Lion-Man

A badass cyberpunk lion-man with a machine gun. Yes, I know the gun's clip curves the wrong way. :) Inked pencil, colored in Photoshop.


My tribute to Dave Kelly, and his delightful webcomic, Lizard. ZBrush.

Mouse My Ass! Mouse My Ass!

Yeah, it's an old joke, but I couldn't help myself! Pencil, colored in Photoshop.

Panzer Rat Panzer Rat

A Khausar berserker wielding his retractable chainblade weapon. Pencil.

Self Portrait Self Portrait

An old self portrait that "does me no justice", according to one net.pal of mine (I guess he means, it doesn't really look like me). Inked pencil, colored in Fractal Painter.


You wouldn't like him when he's angry. ZBrush.

Ugly Duckling Ugly Duckling

Nyahh! :p Thick graphite stick, colored in Fractal Painter.

Gandakk's War Cry War Cry

Gandakk strikes again. Don't let the subject line fool you. Actually he's just having a bad day. Pencil.


A cartoony girl with a disarming smirk - now with real depth. Yes, she can handle her name, even in France. Based on "Chick 2", which I modified a bit first. ZBrush.

Zugly Duckling

This is a reproduction of the Ugly Duckling above. He's grown up, but he hasn't lost his attitude. :) Painted with ZBrush.