Skaven's Oldies

Ladies and gentlemen! Now is your opportunity to delve into the truly wretched history of one musician. Here are most of the finished tracker tunes from the time I was just starting my tracking career. Yes, pretty much all of them suck horribly. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? I repeat: most of these are really bad, boring, suck, etc. Listen at your own risk and don't complain. Don't laugh, either. :) 

These songs are (hopefully) in chronological order - I think the file date attributes have changed. The filenames are in uppercase, good old DOS style. How authentic. I have tens and tens of other songs from the same era on my HDD, but they never got fully finished.

FYI for the tech-heads: In the old Scream Tracker 2 the Arpeggio command (Jxx), if used in a single row with a 0x value, caused the note to skip the specified amount of halftones upwards halfway through the row. I used this in some songs to give the lead some character. However, when played in ModPlug Tracker, this effect doesn't work the way it did back then.

Song name Filename Size Year Chn Length Comment
Cascade CASCADE.STM 86k 1991 4 1:28 My very first Scream Tracker song, and in fact my very first tracker song ever. In practice, a lousy rip-off of Tim Follin's Bionic Commando music on the C= 64, that continues into something else when I realized I had no idea how to copy the rest of the song. Starts and ends with a weird joke. Bionic Commando find frog. Bionic commando kill frog. Har har har, very funny. The song's name is the first word that popped in my dad's mind when he listened to it.
Kingdom of Knowledge KINGDOM.STM 75k 1991 4 2:34 I think this was my second tracker song ever. Very dull and repetitive, but perhaps it has its moments here and there...
HeviJänis Istu Maas JÄNIS.STM 95k 1991 4 0:15 A heavy metal version of a classic Finnish children's song "Jänis Istui Maassa" ("A Bunny Sat on the Ground"). Distorted guitars and screaming. Funny har har. Duh.
Hevi-HämäHämäHäkki HÄMÄRI.STM 130k 1991 4 0:24 A follow-up to the joke above. This time "Insy Winsy Spider" - another classical children's song - gets the treatment. Now with screaming and... explosions!
Metamorphosis MORPH.STM 147k 1991 4 4:57 A bit more serious this time, 80s style synth pop. Pretty long and boring too.
Neanderthal Fun CAVEMAN.STM 134k 1991 4 2:41 Rhythmic stone age music. Eh. Percussions, grunts and the odd bamboo flute. In the end it turns out they were playing too loud...
Predator PREDATOR.STM 112k 1991 4 2:45 Hmm.. is this industrial? I don't know. A bit boring, but the beginning is kinda cool I guess.
Posse's Theme POSSE.STM 42k 1991 4 2:26 I. Shall. Not. Discuss. This. Song.
Life Cycle CYCLE.STM 87k 1991 4 3:35 Simple guitar rock ballad that changes from sad to happy, but never strays far from the cheese department.
Zombie Curse ZOMBIE.STM 94k 1991 4 3:58 Hard or heavy rock or something else. This song is interesting in the sense that listening to it can actually make you physically fatigued. You have been warned.
The Noble Knight KNIGHT.STM 139k 1991 4 1:11 Medieval ballad, just like Crystal Dragon and Saint, but older and suckier.
Heart Attack BERZERK.STM 160k 1991 4 2:39 Truly horrible butt-rock with screaming and saxophones and ... er .. don't. Just please, don't.
Muumilaakson Mölinät HEIMUUMI.STM 193k 1991 4 1:29 "The Babbles of Moominvalley" - features (extremely poor quality) speech samples taken from the Finnish-Japanese Moomin cartoon series and a peppy song composed around them. Don't ask.
The White Tiger TIGER.STM 217k 1991 4 2:58 Melodic demo-pop. This song was featured in the Unreal megademo, in the "pillar scroller" part.
Spit! SPIT!.STM 132k 1991 4 3:48 Another song dedicated to my enemy friend Posse, who passed out onto the basement stairs during a party in 08/Oct/1991. A half rip-off of Art of Noise's song with the same name. Warning: contains profane language.
Lada LADA.STM 111k 1991 4 2:58 Lada is an old Russian car that was pretty common in Finland some years ago. Here's the story of one. 80s style beat pop with extra cheese on top.
Trauma TRAUMA.STM 160k 1991 4 3:04 Another industrial song? Dramatic and oppressive, but gets boring.
Highways HIGHWAYS.STM 149k 1992 4 3:20 Rock 'n' roll or something like that. Pretty groovy, actually.
The Plague PLAGUE.STM 179k 1992 4 2:39 Heavy metal. A heroic attempt to sound dramatic...
Headache HEADACHE.STM 101k 1992 4 3:27 Sort of Kraftwerk-esque synth-pop. Might work nicely if re-mixed.
HeviPelle Hermanni HERMANNI.STM 222k 1992 4 1:57 Heavy metal. It doesn't get much stranger than this. Herman the Circus Clown gets tired of his job. Herman the Circus Clown freaks out.
The Evolution MORPH2.STM 122k 1992 4 5:15 After the slowish beginning this pop song gets pretty hyperactive.
DragonLore DRGNLORE.STM 200k 1992 4 3:27 Another medieval ballad style song, this time with more synthy sounds. Not half bad actually.
Realm of Chaos CHAOS.S3M 184k 1992 9 5:34 Epical hard rock. This song was featured in the end credits of the Unreal megademo.
The Centipede CENTIPOD.S3M 100k 1993 8 0:47 This is the first pre-beta version of my now *ahem* classic song Catch That Goblin. Psi / FC and I were working on a semi-3D version of the old Atari classic, titled "Super Centipede", and this song was meant to be its title song. The game never evolved beyond prototype stage.